20 Minutes Of Exercise A Day Makes Up For 12 Hours Of Sitting

20 Minutes Of Exercise A Day Makes Up For 12 Hours Of Sitting

A study recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that doing between 20 and 25 minutes of exercise a day can offset the increased risk of death associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

During the investigation, researchers discovered that those who sit or lie down for more than 12 hours a day have a 38% higher risk of death compared to people who spend 8 hours a day sedentary.

However, this harmful effect of a sedentary lifestyle is nullified if the individual practices at least 20-25 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity daily.

Benefits of 20 minutes of exercise a day

In the study the scientists selected almost 12,000  people over 50 years old. They were divided into four groups. The objective was to discover whether exercising could change the relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and the risk of death.

All participants had their body monitored for 10 hours a day for four days. They also received monitoring for two years, providing data such as: gender, educational level, weight, height, smoking history, alcohol consumption and presence of chronic diseases (diabetes, heart problems and cancer).

As a result, it was noticed that the higher the level of sedentary lifestyle, the more these 20 minutes of exercise are beneficial. And the longer the training time, the better.


It is worth remembering, however, that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends more than 20 minutes of exercise daily.

According to the institution, the ideal is for a healthy adult to perform 300 minutes of moderate activity or 150 minutes of intense physical activity per week. This is equivalent to an hour of moderate exercise from Monday to Friday or half an hour of intense training for the same period.

Moderate practices are those that leave the person breathless but still able to speak a few sentences or words. While intensity requires more physical effort. In any case, it is essential to have the help of a physical education professional before including any type of training in your routine.

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