About Us

About Us

A family business owned and operated by Johnny Florio and Elisia Manrique since 2016. PlayOn Products was started to create natural products that offer a real contribution to performance, health and wellbeing.

PlayOn SPORT AID was specially formulated over 30 years ago from a family recipe using natural ingredients that helps provide relief from tired muscles and stiffness. Its unique formula makes PlayOn SPORT AID a highly effective product that activates within minutes and requires NO RUBBING. Simply spray on and let it work its magic! Best used use before, during & after exercise.

Johnny Florio & Elisia Manrique

As a sports massage therapist for more then 17 years Johnny has been utilising his family product “PlayOn SPORT AID” to help thousands of people. With a strong personal sporting background, Johnny has been personally using the product himself to get back onto the field faster than his fellow teammates. Clients and players constantly told Johnny that this was the best product that they have ever used, so Johnny is choosing to share it with the world!

Elisia Manrique brings 17 years’ experience in importing, distributing and brand managing premium natural products to the business ensuring operations run smoothly.

Operations commenced producing PlayOn SPORT AID in 2016. The original recipe has been handed down through Johnny’s family, over 3 generations. PlayOn SPORT AID today has been transformed into its present formula through modern day science and manufacturing best practices. Since then growth has been steady and playon products continues to receive great feedback from customers on how PlayOn SPORT AID is helping their everyday life and sporting careers.

Corporate Responsibility

PlayOn products regularly contributes to events, donating product, time, and money in organising events with charity and community groups.

Our main vehicle for contribution is through our playon ZONES that we establish at sporting events. We offer free sprays of PlayOn SPORT AID, strapping, sports massage and ice baths. We know these people get through their games better because they tell us.

Our Warehouse

In December 2017 we expanded into a warehouse in Meadowbank. Within this space we now have plenty of room for the manufacture and distribution of PlayOn SPORT AID and we have also opened a gym offering Boxing Fitness Classes with Matthew Reid. We also offer Sports Massage and have a beautiful Conference Room for hire.

We are excited about the future of playon products and currently working on expanding into the USA!

In August 2023 we have moved to our new warehouse at 24 Constitution Road RYDE NSW 2112. 

Thank you for your support. 

Love Johnny & Elisia