About Us

playon SPORT AID was specially formulated over 30 years ago from a family recipe using natural ingredients that helps provide relief from tired muscles and stiffness.

playon SPORT AID is a highly effective product that helps soothe and relax tired muscles.

Many Sports Professionals, Doctors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors are using playon SPORT AID regularly on their clients.

Use before, during & after sport.  

Johnny Florio & playon

As a massage therapist since 1997 and raised by a naturopath, Johnny Florio has been utilising his family product “playon SPORT AID” to help thousands of people.

With a strong personal sporting background, Johnny has been personally using the product himself to get back onto the field faster than his fellow teammates.

He has also used it during his work as a massage practitioner for more than 17 years.
Clients and players constantly told Johnny that this was the best product that they have ever used, so Johnny is choosing to share it with the world!