Affiliate Program

PlayOn Products affiliate program

You have used the product and know it works; you may have even recommended it to a friend or team mate. So are you interested in earning a WOPPING 12% commission from EACH SPORT AID SALE as an affiliate?

At playon products we are about sharing the love. We see no reason why we cannot share some of the profit in return for your effort in sharing SPORT AID with those who are in your network. So we have built an affiliate program that will enable you to start sharing and earning your way to a 12% return on the PlayOn SPORT AID range.

So who are we?
PlayOn products provides natural products that are a real contribution to your performance and well-being, so you can be active, move freely and PlayOn.

Our SPORT AID product has been developed over a 30-year period. The original SPORT AID recipe has been handed down through founder’s family, over 3 generations. SPORT AID has been transformed into its present formula utilising modern day science and manufacturing best practice, with a uniquely Australian influence. We deliver you a consistent, safe, high quality natural product that really works.


What do we want from you? 

We ask only 3 main things.
1. Sign up
2. Apply the banner to your website and social media applications
3. Talk, share and generate interest socially about the product with everybody


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What you get?
  • 12% commission from each sale of PlayOn SPORT AID.
  • Custom Banners specially prepared for you with your own unique identifier
  • Custom QR codes
  • A unique Affiliate link
  • Secure password authenticated access to the Affiliate site to generate reports and view sales
  • Product knowledge support from our sales team

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    *Australian resistance only.